In The Grove Athletics

Facility Rules

-Do Not Pull, Hang, Climb, or Lean on Netting…You Will Be Politely Reminded Once…Second Reminder you will be asked to leave the field. 
-Please ask staff for assistance to open or close batting cage divider curtains. (There is a method to the madness!) We appreciate your cooperation. 
-Participants MUST always wear a batting helmet when inside the batting cages.
-Participants MUST wear appropriate shoes. TENNIS OR TURF SHOES ONLY. Cleats of any type (metal or molded) will not be allowed on the turf. Shoes MUST be changed inside the facility prior to entering turf. 
-No gum, food, seeds or liquid allowed on the turf. 
-Participants are encouraged to bring a water bottle. 
-In The Grove Athletics does not provide helmets, bats or gloves unless we have made prior arrangements. It is expected that all participants will arrive with the appropriate gear to participate. 
-The hitting, throwing, kicking, etc of balls will ONLY take place inside of the turf field.  No warm-ups outside of turf field.
-In The Grove Athletics will not be liable for items left in the facility.  Do not leave valuables unattended. Our lost-and-found is located at the reception desk. 
-Misconduct can result in the immediate termination of privileges. Horseplay/fooling around will not be tolerated. 
-No person under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol is permitted to use batting cages. 
-No person under the age of 18 is allowed to operate the pitching machine. 
BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES! Thrown or batted balls can be dangerous. Bats can be dangerous. Be aware of your surroundings and report unsafe situations to a coach or employee immediately. 
-Please report any defective or damaged nets, protective screens, turf or other equipment to In The Grove Athletics immediately.